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    ivacationonline is the property management software
    for vacation rentals.


    Designed from years of research and experience in the property management software for vacation rentals. We have developed an automated, online reservation system designed specifically for private owners and managers of vacation property rentals and bed & breakfast. This is premium vacation rental software.

    With this online reservation system, ivacationonline enables your guest to browse and select vacation rental of their choice; view available dates, review rates, make reservations and receive booking confirmations online in real time. Now accepting accurate online reservations is simple and fully automated with ivacationonline


    Online Reservation System

    Any vacation rental owner or manager needs a complete online reservation system to compete in todays market. Online bookings with credit card processing that deposits the guest payments into YOUR checking account. does not charge you any type of commission for this. The guests funds go directly to your checking account. You control your rates, discounts, taxes, fees and the guest does the data entry. Hands free bookings for you!

    Online Reservation System
    Automated Email Follow Up:

    Once a booking happens, you can set up Automated responses to simplify your business. Send Confirmations, Payment Due, Access, Directions, Thank You and Survey emails all AUTOMATICALLY. You control when and if the emails go out. This is a HUGE time saver and automates your business.

    Automated Email Follow Up
    Automated Email Quotes
    Customize your own Logo:

    You can have your own business logo. We can make one if you do not have one. Then load it to your account and all the interaction with you, your listings, bookings, and emails will all be branded with YOUR look and feel.

    Customize your own Logo
    Integrate with Travel Guard Insurance
    Control Your Discounts:

    Once you set your yearly rates, you may want or need to discount for many reasons. Our robust COUPON CODES allow you to offer specific discount codes for certain periods of time or for the entire year. You can set your rates and stick to them or offer discounts to get the off season booked. You control your business!

    Control Your Discounts
    Financial Spreadsheets
    Owners Statements for Managers:

    If you are managing a property for someone, you have access to an automatically populated, Owners Statement. Set up your commission, edit that if needed on a per booking basis and track any expenses. The Owners Statement is a monthly report of the bookings and expenses.

    Owners Statements for Managers
    Notify your cleaners Automatically
    Funds deposited into your Checking account
    Total Control of your business
    Integrate with YOUR website:

    Already have a web site for your property or properties? NO PROBLEM. Our online reservation calendar is able to be displayed on YOUR site turning it into an online reservation site. Then you have multiple ways to take online bookings. Our calendar is automatically updated with each booking.

    Integrate with YOUR website

Additional Features:

Online Reservation System Real time online booking thru your listing or your website. Your guest select their dates and then easily place their online reservation.
Accept Credit Cards Online - Great Rates! 1.95% discount rate*! Best rates in the industry! Rewards cards 2.65% Read the full details here.
Auto Reponders .Our system will immediately and automatically respond to your inquiries, with a professional detailed quote. Automation is the path to success!
Automatically Update Your Calendars with iCal Stop updating all your listing sites calendars. Use our iCal data feed to do it for you automatically!
Private Domain Registration Send your guest to your listing using a domain name of your choice.
Brand Your Business with Your Logo Use a professional logo to brand your listing and all the email correspondence with your guest.
Custom Owners Listing Pages Use the "Owners Page" as your website. Forward a domain name and you have a operating website for fractions of the cost.
Custom Management Sites Have more than one property? We can build a custom management site for you! Build your own identity!
Individual Property Websites Take control back of your Business. Every property should have an independent website for total market control!
Owners Statements for Managers Email a PDF of the monthly statement. This keeps your owners informed of the transactions for the month.
Control Your Rates You have total control of your rate. Change them anytime. Offer discounts in a variety of ways. You always stay in total control.
Coupon Codes Offer discounts as you see fit. Your coupon codes are date and dollar sensitive. They are a great way to book slow periods.
Automated Follow-up Emails Once you receive a reservation, there is an automated email system in place, in which you control the settings and timing. Changes are never a problem.
Automated Guest Surveys Receive feedback from your guests.
Integrate with YOUR current Website You can add your online booking calendar to your current website. This will instantly become an online booking site.
Control Your Terms and Conditions You control your terms and conditions. Copy and paste your current contract into your property admin section or use our template to get started!
Multiple Guest Payments are Possible You are able to split transactions and take payments from multiple guests on the same reservation.
Financial Statements Know how your property is doing at a quick glance. Compare years to see your growth. Use the P & L for your accounting needs.
Financial P & L Statements Having a current Profit and Loss spreadsheet is very helpful in keeping track of how your property is doing financially.
Text Notifications of Bookings You may enable our text feature, which notifies you of an online reservation.
Optional Fees Have a pool heating fee? Pet fee? No problem, you can make these fees optional during the reservation process.
Verify Your Property Let your guests and prospects know that your property and your rental business have been checked out and are legit.
Travel Guard Integration Travel Guard offers Travel Insurance, which can be automatically added or offered on each reservation.
NO COMMISSIONS does not take a % of your business. We can show you how we will pay you to use our services!

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With our multi page sites, you will be running your VACATION RENTAL BUSINESS like a PRO!

Our multi pages sites are integrated directly with your patent pending online booking system. So while you start with your online booking listings on, your private site can have the same function with your vacation rental software on

Whether you own one vacation rental or manage 30, having your own private site can set you apart from the crowd. When your guest books online on your private site, the booking is directed thru the vacation rental software on and into your account. Everything is automated making running your business as easy as possible. You can order your multi page site from your account once you join

Why you need to be LSI or Listing Site Independent. Watch this!

The vacation rental software account is $299 for your first 3 properties and includes a listing. The multi page sites start at $1295.00 and do not include the account at $299.

Patent Pending Automated Online Booking System for Private Owners
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